We Clean. We Care. We Welcome.

Our number one priority is the well-being and safety of our guests and team members. To secure that, we have rigorous procedures and routines regarding enhanced cleaning, physical distancing and our food and beverage offerings. We are following COVID-19 guidelines provided by the Greek health authorities.

(Please note, this information is valid until further notice and may be updated)

Our team

*Our team members are being trained in enhanced cleaning routines, both within personal hygiene and new cleaning procedures..
* Daily temperature checks
* Use of masks, gloves, shoe covers, robes, regular washing and of hands and usage of santisation liquid


* Steam cleaners and santisation liquid used on all surfaces
*All bedsheets, towels etc are handled with the necessary precautions
* High-touch areas, such as bathrooms, remote controls, pool toilets, pool sunbeds etc are disinfected and cleaned with a higher frequency
* Hand alcohol stations and disposable gloves are available in the entrance of the building and in the entrance of the pool and pool bar area .
*All tables and chairs of our pool bar are cleaned at a much higher frequency, and after each seating

Physical distancing

* We have limited the numbers of seats of our pool bar and of our sunbeds around the pool
* We have limited the number of persons swimming at the same time in the pool, i.e 4 persons/time
* We keep a distance of 2 m, encouraging social distancing
* Only our guests can be in the building and at the pool area

Food & beverage

* Room service free of charge
* We provide the possibility for an individually packaged breakfast
* We provide the possibility for individual packaged lunch and dinner, as well as snacks, salads, sweets, coffees and drinks.


* To ask us for a Laser thermometer if needed
* To inform Dimitris Vouropoulos for any health problem you may suspect that you are facing .His mobile phone number is: 0030 6993535435
* To not invite other people who do not stay in VILLA DOLPHINS to visit you at the pool area or in the apartments
* To use the shower at the pool area before and after swimming
* To bring your personal towels to the pool



How to come

What we organise for you

At Villa Dolphins, apart from the personal care of your needs and the creation of a warm atmosphere, we also deal with the constant improvement of the services we offer to our guests. We try to combine the best possible accommodation with your enjoyment and outdoors activities for a more "dynamic" holiday.

* Βoat trips around the island so that you can see all the hidden beauty and swimm in small beaches with no access from the road

* Horse riding in the picturesque mountains of Poros island, amongst the nature and the trekking paths.

* Fishing by a traditional fishing boat and a profesional with you to the rich fishing grounds around the rocky shores of the Poros island.

* Bicycling around the island or across on the mainland to visit beautiful places such as the Monastery, Neorio, the Lover's bay, the Russian Shipyard and even the min town of Poros island.

* Day trips to the other islands of the Argosaronic such as Hydra island, Spetses island, Aegina island, Agistri island

* Day trips by rented car or mini bus (with or without a driver) to archeological sites on the mainland such as Ancient Epidaurus, Ancient Corinth, Ancient Mycenae, Ancient Troizina or the Covered Tombs of Magoula etc.

Poros island

The scenic and popular island of Poros is a prime destination for both greek and foreign tourists due to its proximity and easy access to Athens.

Poros is the island of peace, romance and jauntiness. It is overgrown with pine trees which reach the rugged shores or the sandy beaches. The residents of Poros are like all islands, spontaneous, decent and hospitable.